Tuesday , 29 September 2020
AP Photo/ Halit Onur Sanda

Turkey Grants Arrest Warrants for 243 Military Personnel in Post-Coup Purge

A prosecutor in Istanbul issued arrest warrants Wednesday for 243 military service members suspected of links to a network blamed for last year’s coup attempt, local media reported.

Judicial sources told the state-run news agency Anadolu they were accused of using an encrypted phone messaging app to coordinate last July’s failed attempt to depose the Turkish president.

The Turkish government accuses US-based cleric Fetullah Gulen of running a terrorist group, FETO, to orchestrate the power grab. It has laid off, suspended or arrested thousands of people from all walks of life on claims they had ties with the organization. FETO members allegedly communicated via an app called ByLock. The Daily Sabah newspaper said Turkish security services hacked the messenger last year, exposing a network of some 10,000 organization members.


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