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Russia, Turkey, Iran Agree on Mechanism to Monitor Syria Ceasefire

REUTERS/ Bassam Khabieh

An international meeting on the Syrian settlement began in the capital of Kazakhstan on January 23 with the participation of a number of delegations, including the opposition, Damascus, Russia, Iran and Turkey. A Turkish source confirmed later to Sputnik that Moscow, Ankara and Tehran are discussing a trilateral mechanism to monitor the ceasefire in Syria. “The abidance by the ceasefire …

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Turkish lawmakers approve bill to expand Erdogan’s power (video)

Turkish lawmakers have approved a controversial package of constitutional reforms that would hand sweeping powers to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. If the measures are passed in a referendum, Erdogan could rule the country until 2029. The proposed changes would for the first time create an executive presidency in modern Turkey. CGTN Photo credit: Anadolu Agency, Getty images

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What’s Behind Russophobic McСain’s Praise of Russia’s Op in Syria

Although Senator John McCain called Russia “a major player in the Middle East,” it is clear that his intent was to spite Donald Trump and outgoing President Barack Obama, rather than to recognize Moscow’s success, Russian academic Dmitry Egorchenkov told Radio Sputnik. US Senator John McCain has recently dubbed Russia a key player in Syria. However, there is more to …

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Turkey Grants Arrest Warrants for 243 Military Personnel in Post-Coup Purge

A prosecutor in Istanbul issued arrest warrants Wednesday for 243 military service members suspected of links to a network blamed for last year’s coup attempt, local media reported. Judicial sources told the state-run news agency Anadolu they were accused of using an encrypted phone messaging app to coordinate last July’s failed attempt to depose the Turkish president. The Turkish government …

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Chinese firm CPMIEC wins Turkey’s missile defense system tender

(Reuters) – Turkey on Thursday chose a Chinese defense firm CPMIEC to co-produce a $4 billion long-range air and missile defense system, rejecting rival bids from Russian, U.S. and European firms. The Turkish defense minister announced the decision in a statement. Turkey, which is a member of the NATO military alliance, has no long-range missile defense system of its own, but NATO …

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Ankara’s move to Chinese air systems appals NATO allies

Turkey’s western allies look puzzled by a looming decision by Ankara to select Chinese long-range anti-missile and air defense systems which they think cannot be integrated into the NATO-sponsored early warning architecture currently deployed on Turkish soil. “That would certainly leave many of us speechless,” said one senior diplomat from aNATO country. “Turkey has every right to choose its own air defense system …

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