Wednesday , 28 October 2020

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Scientists Size Up Beer Bellies After Discovering New Organ in Human Gut

Photo: pixabay

Reclassifying the mesentery, a structure in the digestive system, as an organ presents the possibility that other parts of the body may be reclassified, even the beer belly, German anatomist Ulrich Foelsch told Sputnik. Earlier this month, researchers in Ireland caused a stir by announcing the discovery of a new organ in the human body, known as the mesentery. The …

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Scientists in Serbia Protest against Dire Financial Situation

On July 2nd more than 3000 scientists gathered at the central Nikola Pasic square in Belgrade for the protest called SAVE-THE-SCIENCE (Spasimo Nauku in Serbian). The main reasons to start the active protest were:     the several months long delay in funding for R&D   scandalous and degrading treatment towards scientists by the current Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development   “Since …

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