Thursday , 22 October 2020

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Think Tanks Stage Massive Computer Simulation of War With Russia in Warsaw

Sputnik/ V. Kiselev

The US-based research firm Potomac Foundation and Poland’s Casimir Pulaski Foundation teamed up this week to simulate a full-scale war scenario with Russia, based on a hypothetical Russian attack on the Baltic states. Using the Hegemon computer-based simulation platform, the wargames were sponsored by Western and Polish defense companies. The wargames, which took place this week between Monday and Thursday …

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First International NATO Troops Arrived in Lithuania

The first Belgian troops of the international NATO battalion formed under German leadership arrive in Lithuania. About 30 soldiers had already arrived at Palanga Airport, dozens more are due to arrive on January 26. Unfortunate start Part of US armored vehicles deployed in NATO countries has been damaged during the transfer to Poland. In addition, some American tanks accidentally arrived …

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Fillon: Russia should be Europe’s partner to fight terrorism

Russia should be a partner for Europe in order to jointly tackle a terrorist threat and other international challenges, French presidential candidate Francois Fillon said on Monday.   “Russia should be a partner for the European nation, we need it in particular for countering a terrorist threat. We should not reveal weakness to our Russian partner, we have common interests which should be protected jointly. I want open …

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Cooperation With Russia ‘Crucial’ for EU Energy Security – OMV Board Member

Vienna is currently the host of the European Gas Conference aimed at promoting dialogue between Europe and its main suppliers, such as Russia. Executives of Russia’s Gazprom, Austria’s OMV, Germany’s Uniper and other energy companies are participating in the event. “The European Gas Conference is the ideal platform for European Institutions, European Member States, private companies and supply countries to come together and address questions on Europe’s energy future. …

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‘Triangular Diplomacy’: What’s Really Behind Kissinger’s Turn Toward Russia

US political scientist and former diplomat Henry Kissinger has endorsed Trump’s pragmatic approach toward Russia. However, there are questions as to what really lies behind Kissinger’s turn toward Moscow and whether the US establishment will lend its sympathetic ear to Kissinger’s advice or continue to throw sand in Trump’s gears. Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State and ex-Assistant to …

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Think Twice: Topol-M Nuclear ICBMs Safeguarding Russia


Russia’s nuclear triad guarantees the nation’s security and sovereignty, RIA Novosti political analyst Alexander Khrolenko notes, adding that Moscow’s Topol-M ICBMs’ test launches demonstrate Russia’s strong defense commitment. Each launch of Russia’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Topol-M shows the country’s strong determination to protect its borders, RIA Novosti political analyst Alexander Khrolenko writes in his article. On January 16 Moscow conducted a successful …

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The new Great Game: Europe looks within for roots of renewal

The term “the Great Game” referred to the strategic rivalry between the British and Russian empires in Central Asia. Today’s Great Game is the battle for economic survival in a world of low economic growth. In such a world economic nationalism reasserts itself, reducing free trade in goods and services and free movement of capital. Escalating sovereign debt and banking …

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S. American states to recall ambassadors from Europe over Bolivian plane incident

South American countries belonging to the Mercosur trade bloc have decided to withdraw their ambassadors for consultations from European countries involved in the grounding of the Bolivian president’s plane. “We’ve taken a number of actions in order to compel public explanations and apologies from the European nations that assaulted our brother Evo Morales,” explained Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, who revealed …

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China Radio: “U.S. And Europe Have Always Suppressed The Rising Price Of Gold”

Sometimes, such as after pervasive liquidations in precious metals (or is that AAPL? Has it become clear yet that with widespread “quality” collateral shortages, gold and AAPL stock have become unexpected and almost interchangeable collateral replacements) it is easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. A forest, in which the New York Fed is procuring (through the …

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Europe piling more problems on the ECB

LONDON (MarketWatch) — Every week brings further evidence of the fateful dilemmas confronting euro EURUSD +0.36%  members. The intelligent manoeuvre last week by Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank president, to bring in modified “forward guidance” as a way of reassuring bond markets about higher European interest rates was a sensible way of heading off imminent difficulties caused by expectations of tighter U.S. …

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