Wednesday , 28 October 2020

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Game over for the TPP

Donald Trump has signed a decree on withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. One of his campaign pledges fulfilled Getting out of the TPP was on the list of Donald Trump’s pre-election promises. Many criticized him for his populist rhetoric and were convinced that he was only making loud statements. However, the signing of the decree to withdraw from …

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Report: #China gets $1 trillion boost from dodgy data

China may be exaggerating the size of its economy to the tune of $1 trillion by releasing “willfully fraudulent” inflation and GDP [gross domestic product] data, according to a study out this week. Numbers from the world’s second largest economy are treated with skepticism by some economists, but this latest report has attempted to quantify the scale of discrepancy. “There …

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German economy struggles as exports and output tumble

(Reuters) – German exports fell the most since late 2009 in May and industrial output tumbled, suggesting Europe’s largest economy is struggling to regain traction, although a rise in imports pointed to robust domestic demand. Combined with last week’s figures showing a sharp drop in industrial orders and contraction in the manufacturing sector, the data underscores how much Germany is suffering from …

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