Wednesday , 28 October 2020
Alexei Pushkov ( Sputnik)

Political Conflict Between Trump, EU Possible – Russian Senator Pushkov

A member of the Russian parliament’s upper house Alexei Pushkov says that current tensions between US President-elect Donald Trump and the EU leaders could lead to political confrontation.

Current tensions between US President-elect Donald Trump and the European Union leaders could result in political confrontation between the sides, a member of the Russian parliament’s upper house, Alexei Pushkov, said Tuesday.

“The EU leaders have a nervous reaction to Trump. So far they have been embroiled in an ideological conflict, but it can turn into political one,” Pushkov posted on Twitter adding that Trump “is not playing to lose.”

In the Monday interview with The Times, Trump said the European Union was “basically a vehicle for Germany” and predicted more countries would follow the United Kingdom’s suit and leave the bloc. He also called NATO an “obsolete” organization.

French President Francois Hollande reacted by saying Europe does not need any advice on its actions from foreign states while German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier admitted that Trump’s comments were met with “astonishment.” Never miss a story again — sign up to our Telegram channel and we’ll keep you up to speed!

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