Friday , 18 September 2020

Crimea: 40 foreign delegations to participate in Yalta International Economic Forum

The Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) in Crimea is going to be held on April 20-22 this year.

“As of today, over 40 delegations from different states have confirmed their participation. Moreover, it will be not just participation but proposals to discuss some issues. There will be a lot of members of the European Parliament and a delegation from the United States. The biggest delegation will come from Italy, they have requested a quota for 50 people,” Andrey Nazarov, the chairman of the YIEF foundation said.

This forum is an international business conference, which is held annually along with the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) and the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). During this one, the issues of social and economic development are going to be discussed. Many high-level Russian and foreign government officials, international experts and representatives of business community will attend this event.


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