Saturday , 24 October 2020


Syrian Kurdish PYD to Open Representative Office in Washington

Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) will open its representative office in the US capital of Washington, Ilham Ahmed, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, which includes the PYD, told Sputnik Tuesday. She also stressed the intention of the Syrian Democratic Council in general and the PYD in particular to uphold constructive relations with the US administration. “We cannot …

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Germany Slams Trump Criticism: Urges US To “Build Better Cars”, Accuses Washington Of Causing Refugee Crisis

An angry Berlin has responded with a staunch defense of its policies after President-elect Donald Trump criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel in two separate Sunday interviews, one with Germany’s Bild and one with the Sunday Times, for her stance during the refugee crisis while threatening a 35% tariff on BMW cars imported into the US. Germany’s deputy chancellor and minister …

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Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to #cover up program used to investigate #Americans

(Reuters) – A secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans. Although these cases rarely involve national security issues, documents reviewed by Reuters show that law enforcement agents have been directed to conceal how …

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White House creates ‘nudge squad’ to shape behavior (video)

The federal government is hiring what it calls a “Behavioral Insights Team” that will look for ways to subtly influence people’s behavior, according to a document describing the program obtained by Critics warn there could be unintended consequences to such policies, while supporters say the team could make government and society more efficient. While the program is still in …

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Study: Sea-level rise threatens 1,400 U.S. cities

A rise in sea levels threatens the viability of more than 1,400 cities and towns, including Miami, Virginia Beach and Jacksonville, unless there are deep cuts in heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions, says an analysis out Monday. Prior emissions have already locked in 4 feet of future sea-level rise that will submerge parts of 316 municipalities, but the timing is unclear …

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Has the U.S. treasury already exceeded the debt limit?

U.S. federal debt has been stuck at $16,699,396,000,000.00 for 68 straight days, according to the Daily Treasury Statement on July 24. That amount is exactly $25 million less than the legal borrowing limit of $16,699,421,000,000.00 set on May 17, 2013. But that’s only part of the story. A closer look at the numbers actually shows the U.S. Treasury has already blown past …

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