Thursday , 22 October 2020


US storms: At least 18 dead in Georgia and Mississippi

Severe weather has killed at least 18 people in the US South and injured many more, emergency officials say. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency in seven counties in the state, where 14 people have died. Four people were killed by tornadoes in Mississippi on Saturday. The US National Weather Service warns of possible strong wind …

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The Secret of Trump: What the Realpolitik of the 45th US President Will Be Like

Numerous experts, from economists to political analysts and physiognomists, are speculating what the Realpolitik of the recently sworn-in 45th US president will be. Igor Pshenichnikov, advisor to the director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, has shared his opinion on the issue with RIA Novosti. “The definition ‘unpredictable’ has already firmly stuck to Donald Trump, hence we can easily …

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‘Trump is Not Our Man, He is American Man, President of US’ – Kremlin Spokesman

It would be a mistake to assume that US President-elect Donald Trump is “our man” rather than that of the United States, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview excerpt broadcast on Friday. “This is not our man. This is an American man — the president of the US,” Peskov told the Vesti v Subbotu (“News on Saturday”) program …

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Trump’s inauguration overtakes DC

Hundreds of thousands of people from across the US and around the world flocked to downtown Washington, DC to see Donald Trump become the 45th president of the United States ‒ or to express their discontent with the fact. For a day, the American capital turned into an arena of protests and celebrations. As with many events that concern Trump, January 20 …

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Obama Says Progress on LGBT Matters in US Is Irreversible

Obama made a row of comments on LGBT issues during his last press conference as the US President. “I could not be prouder of the transformation that’s taking place in our society just in the last decade,” Obama stated on Wednesday. “I don’t think it is something that will be reversible because American society has changed, the attitudes of young people in particular have changed.” Obama pointed out that the advancement …

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BBC’s Trump-Kremlin documentary is like an ‘Austin Powers’ film, says Galloway


The credibility of a BBC documentary about US President-elect Donald Trump called ‘Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?’ has been questioned by ex-MP George Galloway. The former Labour and Respect politician likened the broadcast, and the whole furore over Russia’s alleged influence on the US election and Trump, to an “Austin Powers film.” Speaking to RT, Galloway also questioned why the BBC …

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Political Conflict Between Trump, EU Possible – Russian Senator Pushkov

A member of the Russian parliament’s upper house Alexei Pushkov says that current tensions between US President-elect Donald Trump and the EU leaders could lead to political confrontation. Current tensions between US President-elect Donald Trump and the European Union leaders could result in political confrontation between the sides, a member of the Russian parliament’s upper house, Alexei Pushkov, said Tuesday. …

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