Saturday , 24 October 2020


Think Tanks Stage Massive Computer Simulation of War With Russia in Warsaw

Sputnik/ V. Kiselev

The US-based research firm Potomac Foundation and Poland’s Casimir Pulaski Foundation teamed up this week to simulate a full-scale war scenario with Russia, based on a hypothetical Russian attack on the Baltic states. Using the Hegemon computer-based simulation platform, the wargames were sponsored by Western and Polish defense companies. The wargames, which took place this week between Monday and Thursday …

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First International NATO Troops Arrived in Lithuania

The first Belgian troops of the international NATO battalion formed under German leadership arrive in Lithuania. About 30 soldiers had already arrived at Palanga Airport, dozens more are due to arrive on January 26. Unfortunate start Part of US armored vehicles deployed in NATO countries has been damaged during the transfer to Poland. In addition, some American tanks accidentally arrived …

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Russia, Turkey, Iran Agree on Mechanism to Monitor Syria Ceasefire

REUTERS/ Bassam Khabieh

An international meeting on the Syrian settlement began in the capital of Kazakhstan on January 23 with the participation of a number of delegations, including the opposition, Damascus, Russia, Iran and Turkey. A Turkish source confirmed later to Sputnik that Moscow, Ankara and Tehran are discussing a trilateral mechanism to monitor the ceasefire in Syria. “The abidance by the ceasefire …

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Some 1,000 People Participated in Anti-NATO Protest in Northeastern Italy

According to RIA Novosti correspondent, the march was headed by No Dal Molin Movement, opposing US airbase located in the north of the city. The protesters carried a huge banner, saying “Protection of land for the future without military bases.” “Until the people do not mobilize, until they put pressure on the government to expel the US military from our …

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Google Uses Cryptographic Signatures, Prevents NSA Backdoor

Google, the technology company overseen by the US$561 billion parent corporation Alphabet, recently released a document entitled “Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview” to provide an overview of how security measures are implemented into Google’s global scale infrastructure. Within this infrastructure, Google operates some of its highly demanded and widely used applications such as Google Search, Gmail, Drive and Photos that …

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China Delivers WZ 10 Attack Helicopters to Army (video)

The People’s Liberation Army has equipped all of its ground force aviation units with advanced WZ-10 combat helicopters, according to PLA media. Several WZ-10s have been delivered to an aviation brigade of the PLA 13th Group Army under the Western Theater Command, the military’s TV news channel reported. This means that all of the Army’s aviation units now have this …

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Second World War bomb shuts UK parliament

London’s Westminster Bridge in the shadow of parliament’s Big Ben clock tower was closed on Thursday after a suspected World War II bomb was found in the River Thames, police said. Police closed the bridge leading to the Houses of Parliament at around 5.15pm (11.15pm UAE), while Westminster underground station was evacuated at around 6:00 pm. “Please bear with us …

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Trump Makes CIA First Stop As President (video)

Donald Trump will visit CIA headquarters on Saturday on his first full day as U.S. president, as he takes command of an agency that he has harshly criticized, a transition official said on Thursday. CIA headquarters is in Langley, Virginia. Trump had questioned the CIA’s conclusion that Russia was involved in cyber hacking that interfered with the U.S. election but …

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