Friday , 18 September 2020


Obama’s ‘Red Line’ on Syria Was a ‘Colossal Mistake’ – Former Security Adviser

Retired General Jim Jones, the first national security adviser to former US president Barack Obama, has fiercely criticized the president’s actions on Syria, calling it a “colossal mistake” to draw a “red line.” The former top security counsel to Obama said during an interview with CNN that the former president failed to live up to his threats to Syrian President …

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‘Dead Hand’ and Bunkers: This is How Russia Can Survive Potential Nuclear Attack

United States intelligence and Strategic Command (STRATCOM) are working on a report evaluating the probability of the Russian and Chinese leadership to survive in the event of a nuclear strike, according to a section of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Congress wants the document to contain descriptions of “the location and description of above-ground and underground facilities important …

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The dozens of Turkish soldiers who have arrived in Germany refuse to return to their homeland for fear of being persecuted by the government, they say, according to reports by Der Spiegel and German public broadcaster ARD. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is scheduled to visit Turkey in a week. “If I go back to Turkey, I risk being arrested or even tortured,” one of the officers reportedly said in an interview.   About 150 …

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Merkel: Struggle Against Terrorism Cannot Justify Trump’s Blanket Entry Ban

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On Friday, Trump signed an executive order blocking all refugees from coming to the United States for 120 days and suspended the entry for citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days. “[Merkel] is convinced that even the necessary resolute struggle against terrorism does not justify placing people of a certain origin …

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