Thursday , 26 November 2020


Freedom for Europe

We had one of the most important conventions of Eurosceptics in the city of Kloblenz on January 21st. To this conference attended for example, Marine Le Pen – the leader of French National Front, Matteo Salvini – the leader of Italian Lega Nord, Geert Wilders – the leader of Party for Freedom from Netherlands, Frauke Petry – the leader of …

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Trump’s Speech: What Does the Future Have in Store for America?

Donald Trump’s rise to power has ushered in a new era of US national politics, experts say. Trump’s speech has become a shining example of US presidential rhetoric. However, it appears that US elites will see a painful redistribution of spheres of influence within the government under Trump. Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was in every respect a shining example of …

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‘Triangular Diplomacy’: What’s Really Behind Kissinger’s Turn Toward Russia

US political scientist and former diplomat Henry Kissinger has endorsed Trump’s pragmatic approach toward Russia. However, there are questions as to what really lies behind Kissinger’s turn toward Moscow and whether the US establishment will lend its sympathetic ear to Kissinger’s advice or continue to throw sand in Trump’s gears. Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State and ex-Assistant to …

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Trump’s Declaration of War

President Trump’s brief inaugural speech was a declaration of war against the entirety of the American Ruling Establishment. All of it. Trump made it abundantly clear that Americans’ enemies are right here at home: globalists, neoconservatives and other unilateralists accustomed to imposing the US on the world and involving us in endless and expensive wars, politicians who serve the Ruling …

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Localizing European Defense: ‘NATO’s Disintegration Has Already Begun’

The process of NATO’s disintegration has already started, and it may play into the hands of new US President Donald Trump, Montenegrin political analyst Filip Kovacevic told Sputnik Serbian. In an interview with Sputnik Serbian, Montenegrin political analyst Filip Kovacevic claimed that US President Donald Trump may benefit from NATO’s breakup, a process that Kovacevic said has already begun. The …

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