Thursday , 26 November 2020


Eurozone Economy Accelerates to Six-Year High on German Manufacturing

Preliminary data suggest a robust acceleration in the Eurozone’s economy in the current quarter; however, the discrepancies in the pace of growth between member states and political risks might deepen the cracks in the bloc’s unity. Kristian Rouz — According to the observations of IHS Markit, economic growth in the Eurozone is likely to have accelerated in February; it is …

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Mechanics of ‘Trump Bump’: Wall Street Outpaces Real Economy

Recent improvements in US economic sentiment stem from the expectations of positive effects of Trumponomics, whilst the real economy still faces downward risks produced by the legacy of the economic policies of the past White House administration. Kristian Rouz – This past week was marked by record highs set on Wall Street, with three main stock indices, the S&P 500, …

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ECB to Keep Pumping Money While Greek , Italian Woes Threaten Eurozone

As the national economies of Italy and Greece are still facing substantial risks in the form of banking sector volatility and public debt concerns, the European Central Bank’s monetary policy is becoming an increasingly divisive issue, threatening to break the Eurozone apart. Kristian Rouz – The European Central Bank (ECB) might have to keep its ultra-accommodative monetary policies in place …

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Game over for the TPP

Donald Trump has signed a decree on withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. One of his campaign pledges fulfilled Getting out of the TPP was on the list of Donald Trump’s pre-election promises. Many criticized him for his populist rhetoric and were convinced that he was only making loud statements. However, the signing of the decree to withdraw from …

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Davos 2017: Business leaders prepare to temper Trump

Donald Trump’s hand-picked policy advisers have indicated that some of his most controversial campaign promises may never be fully implemented. The BBC spoke to members of the Strategic and Policy Forum, a group of 19 business leaders who will meet with the incoming president, who will be sworn in on Friday, on a regular basis to help shape his economic …

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